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Solar Heat

Final report of the Solar Thermal System at Telekom in Rottweil

A final report must be written for each solar thermal system that is supervised by the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg. This report is regularly updated and only finished at the end of the project. In the case of the solar thermal system for the cooling of Telekom in Rottweil, the final report covers a period of about 3 ½ years from 01.01.20011 to 31.05.2013. 

The chief segments of this final report are:

  • Description of the Property
  • Description of the System
  • Description of the Measurement Technique
  • Field Experience
  • Measurement Results 
  • Evaluation of the Measurement Results
  • System Costs
  • Energy Warranty

Our project flyers summarize the project and provide a general overview for the project.