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Solar Heat

Baden-Baden City Hospital

Baden-Baden City Hospital was opened in 1977. Currently, there are 396 beds. The city hospital is run by the Hospital Mittelbaden gGmbH, which is a regional network of clinics. It includes four emergency clinics (Bühl County Hospital, Forbach County Hospital, Rastatt County Hospital, and Baden-Baden City Hospital), one clinic for geriatric rehabilitation and five nursing homes with a total of 1825 beds. Its partners are the city of Baden-Baden and Rastatt County Council.

The flat plate collector field of the solar thermal system covers 276 m². It was installed on the flat roof above the 4th floor of the city hospital. The collectors are inclined at an angle of 45° with an azimuth of +/- 0° South. Gas boilers are still in use for reheating the warm water.

Baden-Baden City Hospital was chosen for Solarthermie-2000 for several reasons. First, the modern conventional facilities, the easy set-up of the collectors on the flat roof, the good demonstration effect because of the constant change of patients, the location, and eventually the fact that the heat production costs would more than likely remain below 0.13 €/kWh. Other factors, like the easy accommodation of the facilities in general and the buffer storage in the attic, spoke in favor of establishing a solar thermal system on Baden-Baden City Hospital

Project Partners


Klinikum Mittelbaden gGmbH
Stadtklinik Baden-Baden
Balgerstraße 50
76532 Baden-Baden
Jürgen Jung (Managing Director)
Winfried Fritz (Technical Manager)
phone + 49 (0) 7221/91-2828
fax 07221/91-2220


Stadtklinik Baden-Baden
Balgerstraße 50
76532 Baden-Baden


Ingenieurbüro Hartmann + Dresen
Im Mittelfeld 1
76135 Karlsruhe
phone + 49 (0) 721 98654


Firma Wagner & Co Solartechnik
Zimmermannstr. 12
35091 Cölbe
phone +49 (0) 6421 8007-0
fax +49 (0) 6421 8007-22


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Project Management Jülich on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Berlin Office
Breite Straße 3
10178 Berlin
Dr. Peter Donat
phone +49 (0) 30 20199-427

Scientific and Technical Assistance

Hochschule Offenburg
Badstraße 24
77652 Offenburg
Professor Elmar Bollin
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Klaus Huber
phone +49 (0) 781 205-294

Program Monitoring

ZfS Rationelle Energietechnik GmbH
Verbindungsstraße 19
40723 Hilden
Dr. Felix Peuser
Dipl.-Ing. Reiner Croy
phone +49 (0) 2103 2444-0