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Solar Heat

Hegau Bodensee Hospital Singen

Hegau Bodensee Hospital Singen (HBK Singen) belongs to the healthcare network of HBH Clinics (Hegau Bodensee Hochrhein Hospital GmbH) consisting of 13 different associates. With 412 beds, Hegau Bodensee Hospital Singen is the largest hospital of the association. The hospital contains an old building dating from 1928, an extension (built in 1957), the east wing (built in 1994) and the west wing (refurbished and in operation since 1997). The main building was renovated in 1998.

The collector field covering 263.6 m2 was installed on the roof of the recently refurbished facility management building. The collectors are integrated into the roof as a so-called ”Solar Roof“. The ”Solar Roof“ collectors are applied on steel girders, thus replacing a big part of the conventional roof. They are inclined at an angle of 30° with an azimuth of 52° east.

HBK Singen was chosen for the program Solarthermie 2000 for several reasons. First the expectation of a high consumption of warm water, second the favorable conditions for the installation of a “Solar Roof” and eventually the option of using the existing water tanks as solar buffer storage. Taken together, this accounted for the estimation that the heat production costs would remain below 0,13 €/kWh. Since the central heating and the technical appliances were renovated, there was enough room for the solar thermal system with all its components. Nothing spoke against the installation, not even the existing independent thermal power station, whose waste heat can only cover about one third (1/3) of the required heat in the summer leaving no surplus for potable water heating.


Project members



Hegau-Bodensee-Klinikum GmbH Singen
Virchowstr. 10
78224 Singen
Dipl.-Wirt-Ing. Lang (Managing Director)
phone +49 (0) 7731 89-0


Hegau-Bodensee-Klinikum GmbH Singen
Virchowstr. 10
78224 Singen
Jörg Reuter (Technician)
phone +49 (0) 7731 89-1753


E+I Ingenieurbüro
Im Grund 12
78267 Aach
Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Sagawe
phone + 49 (0) 7774 920863


G. Werr + S. Ludwig GmbH
Lindenstr. 26
78183 Hüfingen
phone +49 (0) 771 92909-0

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Project Management Jülich on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Berlin Office
Breite Straße 3
10178 Berlin
Dr. Peter Donat
phone + 49 (0) 30 20199-427

Scientific and Technical Assistance

University of Applied Sciences Offenburg
Badstraße 24
77652 Offenburg
Professor Elmar Bollin
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Klaus Huber
phone +49 (0) 781 205-294

Program Monitoring

ZfS Rationelle Energietechnik GmbH
Verbindungsstraße 19
40723 Hilden
Dr. Felix Peuser
Dipl.-Ing. Reiner Croy
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